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Links to Engine Registries

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Grey Engines
Des Jardin
Fairbanks Morse
International Harvester
Ruston Hornsby

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Links to Historic Parks and Museums

Museums and places of preservation are very important to our history and maintenance of the technology.  Please make sure you support them as without their work we will be in a new dark ages about our past.  Click on the images to link to these other sites.


Canadian Tractor museum westlock stationary engines

The Canadian Tractor Museum

The Westlock & District Tractor Museum Foundation was formed in 1999 with the vision of developing a world-class museum in Westlock, Alberta dedicated to vintage tractors. There are more than two hundred fully-restored antique tractors owned by the museum and members of the Vintage Tractor Club. In 2006 the Foundation added a storage building for steam engines and extra tractors.This facility enables our community to preserve a large part of the area?s rich farming history, and prevent the loss of local collections of historical significance.


Reynolds Machine Museum

Reynolds Museum – Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada

The Reynolds Museum calls itself the machine museum as it’s collection runs the gamut from airplanes to old cars, agricultural to industry.  Check out their website.  They are well worth the visit and if you are able, visit during the harvest fair or one of the special event days.  People from all over bring their antiques to show at the museums grounds.


Pioneer Acres Irricana museumPioneer Acres – Irricana, Alberta, Canada

The Pioneer Acres Thresherman and Plow man’s club of Alberta is my home club. It is also a registered museum. The club owns a large collection of antique tractors and engines. It is also home to the Carey collection of antique trucks (by appointment only). If you have the time to visit, this is a great little museum.

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Fairbanks Morse SignFairbanks Morse Company

Yep… they are still around! Fairbanks Morse company of Beloit, WI.  Click on the image to be directed to their site.  They have a great short video that touches on the history of the company.  Fairbanks Morse was the North American leader on the development of the gas and then heavy duty diesel engine. It has a proud history and many of its engines are still around at shows and in museums.

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Commercial Links

This page is dedicated to those who support us through link exchange.

Alberta Prairie Railway Excursions

A Major Alberta Attraction – Great For The Whole FamilyEnjoy a complete day on the train!
Alberta Prairie offers an exciting one day adventure on board a real steam or diesel-powered train. Different themes are enacted throughout the season, including murder mysteries, family, dinner theatre, seniors and teddy bear specials. For a day full of activities which is truly different and interesting, read on!

At some point during your excursion the train may be brought to a screeching halt. Look out! It’s the dreaded outlaw “Reynolds Raiders”. They are known to frequent these parts and on occasion hold up the train. But fear not the Canadian Metis hero, Gabriel Dumont, is there to stop them. After a short but furious gun battle, the money the outlaws took from passengers is retrieved. Since it’s impossible to tell who the money belongs to, it is donated to a number of children’s charities.

The train leaves Stettler, Alberta, and  returns five to six hours later. Stettler is located in the Heart of Central Alberta and is a leisurely three hour drive from Calgary; Alberta, two and one-half hours from Edmonton, Alberta.


rusty beer

Rust Belt Brewing Company

A micro brewery in support of our rusty hobby.  Drop in for a pint!

530 Mahoning Avenue Suite A Youngstown, Ohio 44502 (330) 318-9563

To view their Website click here or click the banner


Yetmans' Manitoba lawn garden antiques

Yetman’s Lawn & Garden Ltd., Manitoba

Welcome to the Yetman’s Ltd. Lawn and Garden Power Equipment Directory.

Whether you are a manufacturer or homeowner, dealer or greens keeper, we think you’ll find something of interest here. You can find everything from lawn care tips to multinational marketing information, or locate your local Service Dealer.

There is also a growing collection of technical information. Of particular note are the Illustrated Parts Lookup systems and Kohler Technical Reference pages. Please feel free to use or link to them from your own site.

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Links to Collectors

Will Batty is a collector from Saskatchewan.  I met his father when I purchased my second set of engines at auction near Rosetown SK.  You can find Will on Smokstak from time to time and his webpage outlines his adventures in the engine world.Will Batty’s Website: 

John Newman: Engine restorer. “Self described Scavenger & Salvager”. John’s Engine site:

Rob Skinner is perhaps the most colorful collector on the net.  His web pages are superbly assembled as are his engines.  Rob and Kelly are a treat to be associated with, and I highly recommend any information they put out as it is always well informed.Rob and Kelly’s Old Iron Page:

Rob and Kelly also actively participate in WAPA  (Western Antique Power Association):

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Engine Related Links

Antique Technology Links

Craig Anderson has been, primarily, a farm oriented  business providing parts and repairs for farm equipment. Through the years he has remained a shop dealing mainly with “walk in” trade and most of our customers continues to be farmers.

Craig’s Engine repair shop at:
Yetman’s in Manitoba has a directory of old iron. Primarily, they are a lawn and garden company but their listings under antiques are quite extensive and well worth the look.


Grain Elevator Links – Prairie Sentinels
Click on this link for a fantastic resource for the pictorial history of the grain elevators in Canada.  I have found pictures of the elevator my Ruston came from.  I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the history.

Show & Club Links


C. Harrold’s Alberta shows:
Pioneer Acres:
Leduc West Antique Show:


Chemung Valley Old Timers Show 

Chemung Valley Old Timers Show 2009!!!!
Fri-Sat July 17-19 Gates open 8:00 Am
32nd annual show!
3 days of great fun and Great Food!
Featuring Allis Chalmers and Ruston Hornsby Equipment
Antique Gas Engines, Tractors, Tractor Pulls, Working Moon shine Still
Parades Raffles, Shingle Making, Chainsaw Carving, Peddle Pulls, Antique and Vintage Snowmobiles
antique cars, Trucks, Black smith, Church Service on Sunday, And Soooooooo Much more!!!!
Come for the weekend and tell all your friends:
Free primitive Camping
Shane Dilmore


Nuenen – The Netherlands 

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Small Flywheel Engines


DesJardin Call of the West (Stanley Jones)


Edwards Engine


Fairbanks Morse Z style 7 1/2 hp


Fairbanks Morse Railroad Engine

Fairmount Engine

Galloway 4 hp (round rod)

Grey Model L – 5 hp

IHC – M style collection


IHC Tom Thumb


Napoleon Collection


New Way Collection


Sattley – 5 hp (CDN McLeod Brothers tag)


Waterloo Boy (T Eaton tagged)

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Large Flywheel Engines

The Collection – Large Flywheel Engines – Over 10hp

Fairbanks Morse Y style Hot Bulb – To be picked up Summer 2009

Fairbanks Morse 15/20 hp (circa 1925) – Under restoration from Fall 2008 to Spring 2009

Ruston Hornsby CR Diesel (circa 1937) – Under restoration from Spring 2009 to Summer 2009

Stanley jones 12 hp (DesJardin built) – Under restoration from Fall 2009 to Summer 2010 – check back soon!

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Marine Engines


Barber Engine


Gideon Diesel Hot Tube Upright


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Leo’s Massey Harris M25 Styled Tractor

Massey Harris Tractor – Model 25 styled red with spoked wheels: Pictures below.
Robert Pripps, in his “Big Book of Massey Tractors”, states:

“The Massey – Harris Model 25 made its debut in late 1932 as an updated version of the Wallis 20/30. It was more powerfull due to an increase in engine RPM from 1050 to 1200, for a 26/41 hp rating. The model 25 engine was a vertical four… displacing 361 ci. Nominal fuel was kerosene or distillate. A three speed transmission was featured. Service brakes were provided, but were not individually useable for steering assistance. It weighed about 5000 pounds and produced a maximum drawbar pull of 3534 pounds in Nebraska test #219… Around 14 000 model 25s were sold between model years 1933 and 1938. A red styled version followed and was produced until 1946, although only 1000 were sold. Power features remained the same as for the unstyled Model 25.”

Currently the plan is to find it a suitable home for good financial return, however, should this not be evident in the coming months, we will begin a slow restoration process to shore up the ravages of time. Who knows, you may even see me at a tractor pull near you.

This unit was owned by one family from southern Alberta. It was running up until 15 years ago when it was parked. Due to the arid conditions of the location the paint is in very good condition for it’s age and the rust is minimal.

We began to get into the process of discovery.  We found that critters had gotten into the exhaust manifold but overall the insides were good with very little rust.  It is likely that the critter litter had stuck the piston head due to the acid.  We vacuumed out the head and added Diesel / Kerosene mix.  We will come back and pull the full head off in a week or so to check what the damage on the pistons are.  I would hope to have the engine unstuck shortly.  Below are some pictures of our work.


Some of the Tractors at Leslieville – 2006

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